Take survey of patient and family's experience with neuropsychological reports


As part of the Stakeholder’s Project on Neuropsychological Report Writing, we are surveying patients and their families about their experiences reading and using neuropsychological reports.

The goal is to understand how neuropsychologists can improve our report formats to make them maximally useful to patients, families, physicians, and other stakeholders. IRB approval of this project is through CHA, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital.

Patients and Families: What sections of neuropsychological reports were most helpful to you? Did the information in the report improve your everyday life? Did you share the report with a school or another doctor? Were those people able to make use of it? Are there parts of the reports you felt were hard to understand or unhelpful? Do you find the reports too long? Is there information that you would have liked to see in the reports that you did not ?

The survey is very brief, about 5 minutes. No identifying information, other than the state in which you live is collected. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to assist us in this effort.