As part of the larger mission of her clinical practice, Dr. Postal lectures widely to parents, teachers, and special education staff, translating the latest neuroscience research into accessible, practical, user friendly learning techniques.

Executive Function: the Neuroscience of Earning A’s.

The frontal executive network of the brain is the seat of what we all value in successful learners: resisting distracters, memorizing complex information, planning, time management. But it is the last region of the brain to develop, not fully on line until age 21 or 22, when college is over! This workshop presents fascinating neuroscience research that demonstrates we as parents and teachers can “lend students our executive networks” giving them simple structures that allow their brains to learn as effectively as if they had more mature executive networks.

Praise for The neuroscience of earning A's workshop:

"Do you know that you are better off investing in your child's secondary school education than in college? How can we help our children with homework with out doing the actual work? If you want to learn more I highly recommend Dr. Postal's workshop, for parents and faculty alike. So many useful tips to take home, fascinating facts about the function of the brain expressed in comprehensive language. Dr. Postal's workshop was so fascinating that the reps of the many independent schools, members of PIN, have asked for more." 
Maite Fay
Chair, PIN LMS (a consortium of independent schools in Massachusetts)

Classroom techniques for improving students’ attention

Most classroom teachers have one or two students per year with attention deficit disorder. Hyperactive and inattentive symptoms in children can disrupt classroom routine and interfere with teaching. This workshop presents techniques teachers can use in the classroom with all students to improve everyone’s attention to task, ability to complete seatwork, and behave well.

Workshops are tailored to school district needs. Dr. Postal teaches summer week long teacher workshops and can condense material for one or two hour parent or teacher workshops. Please contact her office for further information.